Our mission is to make it easy to do business in business-to-business commerce

Our mission is to facilitate doing business in B2B commerce. We believe trade in the same legislative and cultural environment is more efficient and benefic for our partners. That's why we have developed and provided online marketplaces by continent, country and sector of activity. For any question

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IMEX MEDIA IT services


Our expertise and horizontal approach to the sector allow us to build, develop and follow a project from its origin to its launch. This approach is used internally by our departments B2B Marketplace for enterprise and B2B marketplace from small to large business. We're offering this expertise to your web or mobile project

Audit & Consulting

Today a website, a web application or a mobile application can be designed with different technologies depending on the nature of the project, stage of development and the outsourcing. Our expertise helps you to guide you in this set of technical options available to effectively meet your expectations


Our expertise is web and mobile development. Our teams are structured by technical expertise to effectively meet expectations

B2B Marketplace for enterprise

For buyers

Find suppliers for free

Search, find, select, contact companies on SourcingInEurope.com. Make sure you are found when someone around the world is looking for your products

Submit product requests

Search, find, select product on SourcingInEurope.com. Manage your content through your own website

Contact suppliers directly

Speak the language of the world for targetting potential buyers from all around the globe searching in their own language

And suppliers

Receive buying requests

Supplier members have the possibility to meet the demand through the sourcing requests from our buyers and our partners

Showing your factory

Create your own showroom online. Upload your catalog and show your products on SourcingInEurope.com

Finding clients

Through SourcingInEurope.com, manufacturers and distributors based in Europe sell their products to buyers around Europe and around the world : SourcingInEurope.com helps small businesses to find and get found on the European market

B2B MarketplaceFrom small to large business

B2B Platform

By developing your own B2B platform, you have understood the massive use of Internet nowdays. IMEX MEDIA will give you the must have tools for setting your platform up

Web Development

Our experience in development of our flagship B2B platform allows us to help you for setting your own B2B platform. We offer you all tools to start your project and accompagny you for plugging tools dedicated to your business


It is particularly important to give effective support to the crucial role of Internet in B2B trades. IMEX MEDIA is the key for your Internet development


logo of perifem

PERIFEM was created in 1980 as an Association of Technical Trade and Distribution Act 1901, to provide technical solutions that meet the concerns expressed by professionals

The Eurelia Federation supports more than 90 French and international store chains with their European development strategies, in more than 20 countries

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Procos is the first professional organization in Europe to bring together trade signs in all their diversity